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Wolf’s Legendairy Project

The Wolf’s Legendairy project utilizes a 2 pit system in conjunction with Daritech’s DT 360 along with a 42” DT Roller Press to create “Green Bedding”, while also minimizing the solids returning to their long term storage lagoon and flush water.


About Wolf's Lengendairy

Wolf's Legendairy is a family-owned and operated robotic dairy farm in Scotland, Texas.

Their goal is to produce nutritious and wholesome milk for you and your family.


To provide a solution for “Green Bedding” for Wolf’s Legendairy while also providing solids separation for cleaner lagoon and flush water.


Vision Dairy Services utilized Daritech’s state of the art separation equipment, process flows and automation for optimal solids separation.


By using Daritech’s state-of-the-art solids separation equipment, Vision Dairy Services was able to provide Wolf’s Legendairy with a high-quality “Green Bedding” while reducing the solids in his long-term storage lagoon and flush water.


Through mechanical solids separation, Daritech’s patented pit system and state-of-the-art automation. Wolf’s Legendairy has a consistent source of“Green Bedding” which reduces bedding cost, time and labor while improving flush water quality and reduces solids build up in their long-term storage lagoon.

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