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Top 3 types of manure separation equipment

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Solid-liquid separation is the partial removal of organic and inorganic solids from a mixture of animal manure. Today, manure separation systems are popular among livestock and poultry management companies because these systems enable manure to be easy to handle, stored, and treated biologically. 

The main goal of solid-liquid separators is to physically separate and remove the solids (and dissolved solids) from the liquid manure. There are several methods available to separate solids from liquids including mechanical separators.

There are different types of mechanical separators including:

Mechanical separators are typically either rotating or stationary screens and generally remove 20 to 30 percent of the waste solids.

1- Screen Separators

Screen separators are categorized by different types based on their type of process.  The types of screen separators include stationary, rotating, and vibrating screens.

Stationary Screen Separators

Stationary screen separators are typically mounted on an incline. This separation process involves the raw liquid slurry being pumped to the top edge of the screen and allowing it to flow over the screen.

Next, liquids are moved via the screen while solids are moved down the face of the screen and accumulate at the bottom. Screen separators do not involve moving parts or have any power requirements (except for the pump's motor).  However, screen separators are susceptible to clogging so they require maintenance.

Vibrating Screen Separators

Vibrating screen separators involve a vibrating flat circular screen. In this type of separator system, liquids pass through the screen while solids that remain are slowly vibrated to the edges of the screen where they are collected. Vibrating screen separators are semi self-cleaning and do not require power.

Rotating Screen Separators

Rotating screen separators involve a spinning horizontal perforated drum. In this process, the slurry is applied at the top of the unit while the unit's drum spins. Next, liquids pass through the holes in the drum while retained solids are scraped into a collection area.

This separation design is the most efficient in terms of keeping screen holes open. Screens typically only achieve solids fractions with moisture contents between 85 and 95%.

2- Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges are self-contained machines that use high rotational speed (centrifugal g-force) to separate solids and liquids, making them an invaluable component of any manure management system.

Decanter centrifuges use a rotating cylinder. As liquid manure enters the cylinder, solids are separated from the liquid.

Decanter centrifuges are often used in the manure management industry but also often used in other industries such as food processing and industrial waste management operations. Due to its high centrifugal acceleration (approx. 2,500-5,000 rpm), the decanter centrifuges efficiently separate solids in the liquid manure from the liquid phase.

3- Presses (screw or belt type)

Presses are often used to remove water from the solid cake (or the separated solids) which may contain a high level of moisture (and a low level of solids). Types of presses include roller presses, belt presses, and screw presses. These press systems help remove fine-textured particles.

The roller presses are often manufactured with heavy-duty construction for longevity and strength against the most heavy-duty applications. In addition, the press rolls are designed with advanced gum roller vulcanization and are each individually driven to prevent slippage and stalling from large objects.


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