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The Benefits of Using Decanter Centrifuges in The Dairy Industry

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The dairy manure industry has always been essential to dairy farming. It provides the dairy farmer with a way to store animal waste between dairy cow grazing periods. However, dairy manure makes up one of the largest pollutant categories in the United States due to its high nutrient levels.

As dairy operations have increased in size throughout the years, dairy farmers have had to find ways to reduce dairy manure's environmental impact.

A dairy farming practice that is becoming increasingly popular among dairy farmers is the use of decanter centrifuges.

The dairy industry benefits from using centrifuge technology to separate manure. Centrifuges are efficient and can process large volumes of material quickly, which helps farmers manage their waste while minimizing costs on equipment maintenance as well as labor for cleaning up spills or transporting this material elsewhere when necessary

Some benefits of using decanter centrifuges in the dairy industry include

1- Separate solids from dairy manure

2- Easily transport manure

3- Increase value of solid waste

4- Capitalize on dairy wastewater through beneficial reuses

Top 5 essential tools for successful manure management

1- Separate solids from dairy manure

The dairy industry is one that takes pride in using natural methods. One of these methods includes centrifuge use, which separates the liquids from solids and provides them with different purposes for processing or treatment as needed.

Decanter centrifuges separate dairy solids, like fiber and proteins, from liquid dairy manure into high-quality dairy solid waste.

2- Easily transport manure

Decanting (or separating) dairy solids out of the dairy manure allows for easier transportation through farm pipelines, storage lagoons, or injection wells. It also enables dairies to produce richer soil where the dairy solid waste is used as fertilizer on their land.

3- Increase value of solid waste

The dairy solids that dairy farmers separate from dairy manure have a higher value when separated. When dairy solid waste is produced in excess amounts, dairy farmers may be able to sell the dairy solids for additional revenue.

4- Capitalize on dairy wastewater through beneficial reuses

In addition, dairy farms are finding ways to capitalize on their dairy wastewater through the creation of beneficial reuses, such as process water for cleaning dairy barns and irrigating pastures.

Some dairies combine their dairy wastewater with bedding materials from cattle stalls or concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to create a fertilizer known as digested dairy manure.

The dairy industry is a mainstay of the food production system. Manure from cows can be used as an organic fertilizer, but it also has many other benefits for farmers, including increasing yields and keeping plants healthy during winter when there isn't enough sunlight reaching them due to low light pollution levels in cold climates.


Although there are many benefits of using a centrifuge process in the dairy manure industry, it does come at a cost. For dairy farms to properly operate dairy manure decanters, dairy producers must be able to invest in the dairy manure dairy centrifuge equipment and absorb any dairy solids that are produced as by-products.

The dairy industry continues to grow every year. As dairy production increases, so does the need for dairy farmers to find innovative ways to reduce dairy runoff. The use of a decanter centrifuge for manure management offers one way for dairy farmers to produce nutrient-rich soil while creating additional revenue with dairy solid waste.

Whichever action is taken, it is most important that the results benefit both dairy producers and consumers. By protecting water quality and stabilizing farming practices, the U.S.'s economy will remain strong well into the future.

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