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Revolutionizing the Dairy Industry with Synergistinc Partnerships

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Vision Dairy is excited to announce the offerings and service we are able to provide given our partnership with Daritech.

Who is Daritech?

From milking parlors to manure management, Daritech manufactures and supplies the dairy industry with solutions.

Daritech was founded in 1990 and has grown to be a top to bottom dairy service and supply company throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Their ability to design and manufacture their own components for milking and manure management lets them personally ensure the quality of each product. Their goal is to provide every customer with a long-term value for their investment.

Daritech understands the important balancing act between attending to cow’s well-being and allowing for the efficiencies required by today’s dairy farm. They integrate solid solutions into every design.

The Benefits Of Using Decanter Centrifuges In The Dairy Industry

Who is Vision Dairy?

At Vision Dairy, we specialize in manure management products, practices, and services for the dairy industry. The products from Daritech support sustainable agriculture in efficiency and reducing their ecological footprint.

Vision Dairy Services, Inc. was formed with the idea of providing quality manure management products, practices, and services to the Dairy industry.

We provide tailor made solutions for your specific situation and needs. Manure composting, manure separation or improving sustainable farming, we support you to find the best solution for your farm.

As the distributor of Daritech equipment in the United States (Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas), we combine our innovative expertise and their patented machinery at all possible settings.

Offering Manure Management Equipment

As Daritech's partner, here's a list of solutions Vision Dairy offers to provide quality manure management products, practices, and services to the Dairy industry.

1- Solid Separation Equipment

Whatever your screw press manure separation needs, Daritech’s separators can get the job done.

Solid separation equipment offered includes:


In response to the dairy industry’s demand for a reliable, self-cleaning manure separator at a reasonable price, Daritech developed the concept of an internally fed rotary screen with an external spray bar. Vision Dairy Services, Inc. is pleased to represent Daritech and proud to introduce the DT360, our rotary-style manure separator.

The DT360 has many features which are attractive to dairymen as they balance performance, reliability, and labor and maintenance costs with the manure handling challenges facing today’s dairies


Vision Dairy Services, Inc. offers three sizes of DTX manure separators to fit the dairy manure separation needs with six screen opening sizes to match the system requirements.

The DTX manure separator allows for fine separation without the screen cleaning. It also allows for high throughput without the need to manage feed rates even with high dissolved manure solids content.


The DT Roller Press is manufactured with heavy-duty construction for longevity and strength against the most heavy-duty applications.

The press rolls are designed with advanced gum roller vulcanization and are each individually driven to prevent slippage and stalling from large objects.

2-Bedding Composting

Daritech's Bedding Master combines the age-old science of composting with the knowledge and wherewithal of Daritech, dairies will be able to say goodbye to sawdust and shavings, and hello to recycled manure as bedding for their cows. Not only that, but they will be able to do so at a cost far lower than has been previously available in systems utilizing similar science.

3-Decanter Centrifuges

Vision Dairy Services’ parent company Vision Machine, Inc. has joined up with Daritech to bring you the most cost-effective, durable decanter centrifuge on the market. Our decanter centrifuge may be the answer for your dairy.

Need help finding the right manure management system?

Solids Separation has been a focal point for VDS since 2004. When it comes to manure, from cow to field, we want to be your first and last call.

Don’t stress about trying to figure out what equipment works best for your operation, contact us to learn more about what we can do for you and your operation!

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