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In response to the dairy industry’s demand for a reliable, self cleaning manure separator at a reasonable price, Daritech developed the concept of an internally fed rotary screen with an external spray bar. Vision Dairy Services, Inc. is pleased to represent Daritech and proud to introduce the DT360, our rotary style manure separator.

The DT360 has many features which are attractive to dairymen as they balance performance, reliability and labor and maintenance costs with the manure handling challenges facing today’s dairies. Because your time, as well as your crew’s, are best spent on tasks which make the dairy more productive, time spent maintaining and cleaning screens is preferably minimized. The automated spray bar, that can be configured for any timing sequence, allows for ongoing cleaning of the screens with minimal labor required.

Our belt driven screen is simply the superior system on the market. Coupled with idler wheels with sealed stainless bearings, the DT360 promises extended periods of maintenance free operation, with infrequent belt changes being simple and inexpensive to perform. The DT360 is as trouble free as a machine can get.


DTX Manure Separator

Vision Dairy Servies, Inc. offers three sizes of DTX manure separators to fit the dairy manure separation needs with six screen opening sizes to match the system requirements.

The DTX manure separator allows for fine separation without the screen cleaning. It also allows for high throughput without the need to manage feed rates even with high dissolved manure solids content.

It also allows for high throughput without the need to manage feed rates even with high dissolved manure solids content.


DT Manure Roller Press

The DT Roller Press is manufactured with heavy duty construction for longevity and strength against the most heavy duty applications.

The press rolls are designed with advanced gum roller vulcanization and are each individually driven to prevent slippage and stalling from large objects.

Our DT Roller Press also has reinforced backing on the screen roller for added strength as well as a remote grease bank.


EYS Screw Press Manure Separator

Vision Dairy Services, Inc. is pleased to be an exclusive dealer of Daritech products in Texas. Daritech’s knowledge and wherewithal combined with EYS established technology, produces the most effective screw press manure separators on the market today.

EYS has a variety of separators to choose from depending on your goals:

  • SP-600 This is our standard duty machine, capable of high-capacity manure separation with the production of a highly manageable stack of solids between 25% and 30% dry matter. The SP-600 is perfect for an operation that seeks to remove the fiber ahead of long-term storage and to stack that fiber in a neat and dry pile.
  • SP-600HD Developed exclusively for the preparation of the feedstock for Daritech’s in-vessel composter, the BeddingMaster, the SP-600HD has heavy-duty components coupled to a slow turning gearbox that dries solids in excess of the 35% dry matter required for effective composting.
  • SP-800HD is a longer, higher capacity, faster turning separator for larger dairies with a need for solids greater than 32% dry for purposes such as green bedding.

Whatever your screw press manure separation needs, Daritech’s EYS separators can get the job done.



The Bedding Master, an in-vessel composter, was designed and built by Daritech in Lynden, WA. The Bedding Master combines the age old science of composting with the knowledge and wherewithal of Daritech, dairies will be able to say goodbye to sawdust and shavings, and hello to recycled manure as bedding for their cows. Not only that, but they will be able to do so at a cost far lower than has been previously available in systems utilizing similar science. Here’s how it works:

Scraped manure, or dewatered flush manure, is fed directly into an EYS Separator specially designed by Daritech to provide the ideal feedstock for the BeddingMaster, which is made up of manure solids at 35% dry matter.

The separated solids are fed into the BeddingMaster by passing through the fixed opening in the entry end. Daritech’s stationary ends that do not rotate with the drum increase throughput by over 50%, resulting in more bedding for less money. This is an idea we can all get behind.

The beauty of composting manure solids is that the aerobic bacteria which consume the organic matter are already in the solids, courtesy of the dairies’ cows. Once inside the BeddingMaster, the bugs proliferate as they finish the job begun in the cows’ stomachs. A blower pulls air through the drum, ensuring an ample air supply, which mixes with the solids that are tumbling from the rotation of the drum. Within just a few hours, the activity of the bacteria has brought the temperature to over 150°F where it stays as the material moves through the drum like a plug.



Vision Dairy Services’ parent company Vision Machine, Inc. has joined up with Daritech to bring you the most cost effective, durable decanter centrifuge on the market.

Decanter centrifuges are self-contained machines that use high rotational speed (centrifugal force) to separate solids and liquids, making it an invaluable component of any manure management system.

Our decanter centrifuge may be the answer for your dairy!

  • Excellent nutrient recovery and phosphorus reduction 
  • High solids capture for clean lagoons
  • Cleaner flush water & reduced water usage
  • Lagoon water usable for pivot irrigation

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